"I couldn't shake the fear of letting people down..." 

My name is Leah Presley.

I was first introduced to Growing in Grace Ministries (GGM) right after I graduated college. I had been struggling with fear and anxiety issues and had terrible nightmares when I slept. I was feeling overwhelmed and run down. I wanted to find freedom.

I had a major issue with people pleasing and couldn’t shake the fear of letting people down. I don’t remember how I stumbled upon GGM, but I’m so glad I did.

During my SOZO prayer session, I was able to reconnect myself with my Lord Jesus. It was remarkable. My inner healing process consisted of forgiving myself and other people for things in the past that were holding me captive. GGM partnered with me through prayer and counsel.

Shortly after my first session with GGM, I began attending the workshops on site where I found fellowship, genuine prayer, and support that inspired me further. I began to notice I felt better equipped to handle my fears and failures. When those old feelings would creep back up, I would remember to speak the positive truths I discovered during my time with GGM. I also never doubted that I could always connect to the counselors at GGM. As a matter of fact, nearly a year after my initial SOZO session, I found myself outside of my work in the parking lot on the phone praying with a GGM partner.

They helped me recall the truths and Scriptures the Lord spoke directly to me and I felt His peace and presence in such a powerful way.

Looking back, I remember coming into my first inner healing session at GGM feeling a lot of embarrassment and nervousness. I would encourage anyone who has never considered inner healing to hold nothing back and don’t be afraid. It feels like the weight of the world is lifted from your shoulders when you release your struggles to the Lord. Asking yourself good questions and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your conversation and prayers will lead you into so many relationships that help provide freedom and healing in your life.

The benefits of inner healing are hard to describe simply — but I feel joyful, passionate, equipped, free, and proud. I am currently living happily in New Mexico while I confidently and passionately serve the Lord through college ministry and coaching, thanks in part to the growth I experienced through GGM.

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