Living In Authentic Masculinity (Part 4) - written by Jeff Dean 

Living in relationship with Father God is the craziest thing. As a young man I found adventure but found no peace. At age 40 I sought the Lord and gained genuine adventure and elusive peace. What a deal. As I think back to the last 15 years I just laugh and I cry. The tears come from joy.  

When I cried out to God at age 40 to take over the direction of my life I assumed He would tear down everything I was. Nothing changed and everything changed. Even as I write that it seems so amazing. 

He started by bringing wonderful people into my life. He cuts through my bad theology. He gently removes my prejudices and ungodly beliefs. He taught me to hear His voice. Having a strong Word background, He put me into supernatural waters for some educational swimming. He did just what Daddy’s have always done: He has taught me the family business. And we talk about stuff, often.

I heard His actual voice under a tree in Africa! He reveals secrets like the impending engagement of my oldest girl two months prior to her boyfriend's question. He once gave me a two minute warning on an electrical abnormal on a takeoff out of Atlanta (I’m an airline pilot). Another time He talked me through a tight VFR approach on an FAA check ride. The examiner slapped me on the back and called it the best he’d ever seen. He gives insight in ministry situations and He always tells me how much He loves me. And He reminds me where I left that one wrench I need. 

He is always embarrassingly over the top with His praise. Spending time with Him makes you feel ten feet tall. He speaks to your heart and you begin to see yourself as He sees you. You begin to believe you are what He says you are. And eventually you become what you believe! He leads you into real masculinity! You move into your godly identity.  

As you journey through life's ups and downs, He will be with you as much as you let Him. He will guide you. He will tell you what behaviors are worthy of His child. He will congratulate you on every victory. He will give you daily assignments. He will faithfully polish you into the image of Jesus. It is a long term adventure that gets better every day. 

He knows your heart. Every journey with Him will be different and customized perfectly for you. He numbers the hairs on your head, who better to know exactly what you need. He will lead you, but here are some great suggestions and resources to help you move into relationship with Father God:

  1. Study the Word of God – this is a foundational step because Father God reveals Himself in His Word.
  2. Find like-minded brothers and sisters and hang out – believers that are seeking God His Word. Check out what Growing In Grace is offering, so together you can compare notes, network, serve together, encourage, and love each other. (GGM is a family of like-minded believers serving God and loving each other; )
  3. Read good books - Check out Vikki's new book!
  4. Learn to talk to and hear God voice; journal your conversations with God. Soak yourself in some incredible online teaching!
  5. Ask Father God to put mentors, friends, and family in your life.
  6. Stretch to Grow! Stretch your faith by ministering outside your comfort zone. Doing ministry that will cause you to rely on Jesus and Holy Spirit is great exercise; for example: pray for a sick person.
  7. Give. Time, money, prayer, yourself to the things the Lord puts in front of you. Look for His opportunities: do not wear yourself out serving everywhere. Do what He directs you to do.
  8. Relax. Forget about striving. Be still and know He is God.  His timing is perfect.
  9. Trust Father God. He is a good, good Daddy!

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