The Exchange (Part 3) - written by Jeff Dean 

For many years I have talked to Jesus on a regular basis. How I got there is another story, but it has been amazing. He is with me always; instantly there when I look for Him. He is my King and my friend. He has taught me truth about myself and others for years. He is my “go to” for insight, advice, tips, and decisions. There is probably a more spiritual, less offensive way to say it, but “Jesus and I are tight.”

He often tells me that it doesn’t matter which way I go. Other times He warns me away from a choice. Sometimes He gives me a “heads up” on some trial I’m about to face. He is faithful and trust worthy. He is over-the- top in His praise. Jesus has never steered me wrong. Now He has pointed me to his Father. I am to seek relationship with Father God in the same way that I have with Jesus.

With the loss of my own Father, I assume that this new intimacy will provide much of what my Dad can no longer give me.

The initial conversations with Father God have been exercises in learning for me. It’s not that I haven’t talked with Him before. I have many times, but in a different way than Jesus. This relationship is bridging the gap I kept between us.

Accessibility was my biggest issue. One does not just drop in on The Creator, right?

My whole upbringing taught me about the holiness, fierceness, unapproachability of Father God. It was a combination of truth, fact, opinion, misunderstanding, and the good intentions, but usually a bad spin on Scripture. Even my seminary training contained those same elements of fear concerning Father God.

Remember how Jesus challenges my theology?

Jesus started by reminding me that He is the exact representation of Father God. If I have experienced the nature and character of Jesus, then I’ve seen the nature and character of Father God. That was a comforting thought as I contemplated intimate relationship with Almighty God.

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