The Exchange (Part 4) - written by Jeff Dean 

As I started to go into the presence of Father God, I decided (because of my previous teaching and preconceived ideas) to go into His presence after a few minutes of thanksgiving and praise. That’s never a bad idea, but He told me that there’s no need for a formula or procedure.

He said – over many encounters – that like Jesus, He is instantly available to His child. There is no conditional entry to His heart, just full acceptance for His child.

My heart didn’t really want to accept that. But He unpacked that idea with the picture of a loving Father always being readily, happily available to his beloved children. He is not cold, distant, or unapproachable. I have heard Him tell me often how much joy it brings Him to have His children seek Him out.

Remember the Scriptures concerning Jesus and children? It is the same with Father God. He revels in our time together. Father God’s words to me concerning His pleasure in our meeting together were: “It is no small thing to please Me.”

I was riding in a dark hotel van at a miserable hour a few weeks to ago. I had the iPhone, earbuds and some Fiona Apple to pass the time. The thought came, “Hey, I could spend some time with Father God”. Immediately, the teachings of my past flared up saying “The last row of a hotel van is not the proper place to meet with God.”

As I began to crank up the music, Father God said “I’d love to meet with you here.” And so began a beautiful time of communion with my God in the back of a creaky, bouncing hotel van. More perfectly good theology ruined.

Father God, like Jesus, loves to build me up. He loves to tell me of His pride in me and His joy in my existence. He explains to me who I am and who He designed me to be. He asks me to dream with Him. He makes me feel accepted, loved, and successful. He makes me feel relevant and needed in His Kingdom plan.

He talks to me about little things and big things. Things like investments, relationships, purchases, career decisions, daily work issues, home improvements – you name it. Little or big, Father God gives it and me His full attention.

Does that sound crazy? Maybe a little “out there”? I think it is the way we are supposed to live. We are His sheep. We can hear His voice and walk beside His still waters, enjoying His presence. When I considered writing this for the GGM blog I spent time thinking of how to approach this subject. Soon I remembered to just seek Abba’s instruction.

He said “Tell it as your story.” An instant answer to a little question. Crazy? Crazy cool.

Recently, I had a situation which required a difficult series of decisions and a distasteful conversation. I forgot the obvious and tackled it myself. With the decision made I spent the night and the morning wrestling with how I would convey bad news. After fitful sleep my wife told me to “Ask God.” (Smart wife.)

In under 2 minutes Father explained the situation for my greater clarity and then laid out exactly what to say. It was perfect. I then relaxed and the conversation while hard was received as well as anyone could hope.

Father God is proving to be just as amazing as His Son. He is teaching me the truth about His nature and His character. I don’t know the ending, but I suspect great things. I trust my Daddy God. I also suspect that down the road I might be meeting with Holy Spirit in a new more intimate way. It makes sense. I’m sure that will be very good too, but a little different from my new normal.

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